Happy "AFTER Easter"...

Strange times isn´t it?

This year we will wish more than just finding eggs in the gardens...

Feeling safe,

Being free to move,

Being healthy,

Having a job or customers,

Seeing Friends and Families,

Having fun.

We pressed the pause button for a while as a global society.

Now we fight together (sometimes not) what we kind of generated through our unsustainable way of life in unequal societies.

After Easter, we will (hopefully) know more,

After Easter, we will (hopefully) learn from our mistakes,

After Easter, we will be (hopefully) be all together again,

After Easter, we should (hopefully) all work towards better anticipating the next crisis...

I wish to all current and future members of the Circular Scout community a safe and happy "AFTER Easter".

After Easter, we will keep working together with other circular enthusiasts to create a world based on more sustainability, more equality and more circularity.

Stay Safe

Frederic Di Monte

Founder - Circular Scout 24

The Online Community of Circular Economy Makers


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