A Historic Perspective On Circular Economy Ancient Roots

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Circular Economy is now making the buzz. But the concept of reasonably using natural resources within a community dates back in reality to the first humans.

Reasons for circular economy could be manifold: in some communities, scarcity of natural materials or workforce could trigger it. In others, it could be the intrinsic economic value of the material or object that justified reuse and recycling. But the ultimate reason for adopting circular economy principles should actually be moral values. It should not be accepted as moral to base a society on a "make, use, trash"-model just because it is cheaper. The reality is that a bad quality good that wastes natural resources, fossil energy and exploit workers is only cheap because it does not take into account the externalities in its costing, be it in terms of pollution, CO2 emissions, or a wasted lifetime.

Hence, I find it useful to recall that circular economy is not new, but was rather forgotten and that both the environmental and economic challenges as well as moral values should guide us back towards this ancient circular path...

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