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Uwe Melichar 


Circular Packaging 

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Uwe Melichar, studied Communication Design at the Muthesius University in Kiel
and started his career at the branding agency FACTOR (www.factor.partners).
He has been a managing partner of FACTOR and was leading the packaging sector. He realised projects for brands such as adidas, Bosch, C&A, Huawei, Gardena, Omron, Phonak and Miele. He and his team developed packaging designs and means of communication for clients in Japan, Russia, China, USA and various European countries. With his work he was internationally awarded by Red Dot, Pentawards, German Design Award and others.


In 2020 he launched a new business MELICHAR Bros. with a strong will to focus on sustainable packaging projects in a close cooperation with his
international global contacts. Bros.‘ stands for the ‚brothers & sisters‘ – his extensive network of designers, environmental scientists, 3D artists, marketeers, engineers and many industry partners.


Since 2018, Uwe is also president of the European Brand & Packaging Design
Association (epda). Epda provides information, inspiration and networking around Europe and the world. The presidency comes along with Uwes´ vision to foster the dialogue between the industry, the design agencies and brand owners.

Uwe is also a speaker, lecturer and jury member. His broad range of experience in different branches such as DIY, sports, medical, consumer electronics, fashion telecommunication and sports and his open-minded personality make him an expert and excellent speaker on various topics all around branding and packaging. With over 25 years experience in Corporate and Packaging Design, Uwe has a lot of ‚behind the scenes’ stories to tell. He is also a passionate evangelist of modern technology like digital retail concepts, e-commerce, smart packaging, 3D printing and future living. Since digital media
influence every facet of the business, Uwe considers it to be important that brand and
packaging design projects are always seen in the context of all media channels and technologies such as digital printing, apps, mobile, and IOT.

Uwe Melichars mantra on packaging is: ‚Increase Value, Decrease Waste‘.

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Alice Beyer Schuch CIRKLA MODO

Circular Fashion

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Alice Beyer Schuch is a Brazilian living in Europe, and an active professional in the fashion field since 2001 with international experience in more than 10 countries.


She is the founder of Cirkla Modo, a consultancy promoting changes toward a circular fashion future, based in Hamburg, Germany.


She started her professional education in Fashion Industrial Manufacturing in Brazil, graduated Bachelor in Fashion Design at the Italian Style Design College, and concluded a Master in Sustainability in Fashion in Germany.


As a #CircularFashion Change Agent, through Cirkla Modo, she works in a vary of projects, supporting different clients - from businesses to education institutions in the EU and Brazil - on their next steps towards more responsible and circular fashion practices.


Some of the offered services relate to:

- Tailoring strategies and approaching circular design strategies

- Researching alternative materials and processes

- Building value-chain connections


- Supporting communication and collaborations for the circularity of fashion.

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Frederic Di Monte  CIRCULAR SCOUT 24

Circular Business Models & Materials sector

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Frederic Di Monte is a well-travelled French B2B innovation and marketing leader with a unique dual experience in multinationals and digital startups. Frederic lives in Hamburg and is a graduate from the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA and Kedge MSc. in Management. He also received certifications in digital transformation from IMD, Circular Economy (Sustainable packaging, bio-based materials, waste management and critical raw materials) from DelftX University and Design Thinking from MIT /Emeritus Institute.

He has been leading projects and cross-functional teams as international marketing, innovation and business unit manager at multinationals in the raw materials, chemicals and packaging industries. He also co-founded and acted as a board member of a digital circular economy startup.

As an international innovation coach and project manager, he now helps international companies grow and innovate faster by leading project teams that create value with digitalisation, new business models, new markets, open innovation and circular economy from exploration to implementation.

He is also the founder of Circular Scout 24 the Online Community For European Circular Economy Makers, a specialised exchange and service platform for circular economy actors.

His style is hands-on, collaborative and goal-driven.