Circular Scout 24

The Community For European Circular Economy Makers
WELCOME to the Circular Scout 24 community,

The idea of Circular Scout 24 results from spending many years in the mining and chemical industries, marketing different materials to end-product manufacturers.

I was confronted with a paradox: on one side, companies and individuals are measured on their capability to generate sales growth every year to maximise shareholder value. On the other side, the materials they sell are limited earth resources that keep increasing their environmental footprint.

In parallel, I explored a new circular world by co-founding a digital waste marketplace that later on pivoted to disrupt and digitalise the supply chain of the recycling industry.


I started to realise that we could really make a more efficient use of all our natural resources and finished products if the civil society, economic and political actors were aligning their actions towards the same goal.

Circular Scout 24 is there to help solve this issue.

Circular Scout 24 is an exchange and service platform for a community of talented circular economy makers and socially responsible corporations. Its purpose is to enable the sharing of ideas about circular ways to reshape business and life and trigger collaborations on circular projects.

It will contain at start a blog that spreads insights about circular products, business models, companies and initiatives, as well as thematic social networks and forums (Zero Waste - Food & Packaging, Circular Economy Startups, Circular Products & Services, Circular Education & Career) and a member's area to enable valuable exchanges and connections. Other functionalities will be added over time as new ideas and needs emerge from the community.

Circular Scout 24 is YOUR platform. I´m providing food for thoughts, circular insights and exchange tools. Now it´s YOUR turn to turn these into collaborative actions !

I wish you a lot of fulfilling and successful exchanges and collaborations. 

Frederic Di Monte

Founder - Circular Scout 24

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